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I enjoy teaching even though I am no longer in a classroom. Educating my buyers through clear communication and the use of data helps them understand the current housing market, and how they need to perform in it. With several market shifts over the past three years, the best way to know what is happening now is to look at the data specific to the area you’re shopping in. 

First time buyers need to understand the current market so they know how to perform in it; even second or third-time buyers need a refresh as the market they’re purchasing in now is likely different than the one they previously bought in. 

How it Works



Whether you’re one or four months out from buying, we can connect to hear the basics of your home search, motivation to buy, and determine next steps. Sometimes you’re closer to buying than you realize. 


Zoom Consult

We review your short and long-term goals in real estate, the type of property you’d like to purchase, and look at the market data for the area you’re looking in.


Loan Application

I introduce you to my lender to review loan products, and complete the application. Get approved same day in most cases.


Home shopping

With a preapproval in hand, we start viewing homes that closely match your criteria. 


write offers

I will guide you on structuring a strong offer to work towards securing the house you want to call home. 

Making you successful in owning a home

Happy Words

from happy clients

Have Questions?

The simple answer is everywhere. I have sold homes in Murrieta, Banning, Apple Valley, Lancaster, and Huntington Beach.

It’s simple. We connect and review your goals and then see if a buyer consult makes sense as the next step. 

After getting preapproved we start viewing homes in person. A few clients have gotten their very first offer accepted after one day of looking at homes, while other buyers take months before their offer gets accepted. It truly comes down to how the offer is structured based on the market. 

In the state of California a buyer’s broker compensation is paid by the seller. In the event the seller does not offer compensation, buyer will be notified. 

Time to Make your Dreams Come True

During the pandemic I worked tirelessly to have more than thirty offers accepted for my clients in one of the most challenging markets California has seen. It’s sharpened my skills so I can write the strongest offer for my clients, and I’m prepared to do this for you. Let’s work together to make your home ownership dreams come true. 

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